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Friday, January 05, 2007

Dreams for 07'

What is your dream? Do you have more than one? I hope so, I believe dreams are God given desires in which people strive towards achieving. Some might be silly sounding, while others could be tremendously close to your heart. I believe it is important to recognize these dreams, write them down and look for one or two that you could fulfill this year. At the beginning of a new year, many try to have resolutions and new beginnings...but why not begin something that is being birthed in your heart right now?
I cannot stand people/teachers/parents who lecture about such things, then never do what they say. So, to follow and do what I teach here is a list of dreams I want to do before I die.

1. Author a children's book.
2. Dance in the snow.
3. Have a Jewelry Business
4. Maintain my black belt in martial arts
5. Speak all throughout Europe
6. Splash in more puddles
7. Take dancing lessons w/ hubby
8. Start archery lessons
9. Learn to play the piano
10. To love people more

These are mine. Well, a few actually-I'm quite a dreamer. What is on your list? I think that this year, 07', I will work towards dancing in the snow (with my husband) and get into archery. Nothing too daunting, but once I have fulfilled a dream- I will have a party! Why not celebrate a dream being fulfilled?!
So I challenge you to go to a local cafe-maybe Starbucks- and sit with a little notebook and write down all those dreams which were placed down deep inside of you. It is actually fun, and then decide which you will fulfill this year. Some might be life long goals (like me wanting to love people more). The point though is to have fun and see what God put in you. Once you have found that-share it with the world!


Brandon K said...

You Dreamer you....I pray that you accomplish every one of them....

Kerstin Sunshine said...

Thank you for tthe challenge, I will go and have some notebook time in one of my fav. cafes

my dream is to:
go to South Africa
to find a wonderful man
to have kids on my own
to draw and paint more
to work on a childrens book with YOU
I will tell you more over some Cappuccino :)