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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

I can't believe it's beenb a week since my last posting...and it wasn't really a 'real' post either, man I'm slacking. :) Well, today is Valentine's Day and I'm sitting next to our fire blogging and Travis is doing his quiet time for today. In all it was a good day. Tiring parts, for sure, but over all a good day. I would definatly say that a highlight is having lunch with the interns after our Going Deeper group. I technically didn't eat with them but had to get it to-go, however it was nice to feel the group and see how they all interact.
Travis had a tiring day, some people at his job double booked him and so they were telling him to go to different placs all day and it was really frustrating him. But we had a nice yummie dinner (thanks to me) and then I gave him my present. It was a card with a great picture of us and then a scroll I wrote on saying lovie duvie things ;) I truely think Valentine's Day should be called 'Expectation Day'. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked! The girl obviously expects beautiful flowers, chocolates, expensive dinners, diamonds, ect. Things you don't even get for Christmas or your birthday. Stupid, Hallmark people. Travis is going to tell me what my present is during dessert. I made some great raisin and coconut muffins in heart shapes. I am then going to mix cool whip, vanilla yogurt and vanilla extract together. then simply slice the hearts horizontal and put some filling in side. I'm really getting into cooking and baking. I think I'm enjoying baking more. But I can cook pretty well too, thanks mom.
This post is a simple Alexis post. You know, those kinds where you write as thogh you are talking to those reading.
Have a blessed day!


Kerstin Sunshine said...

so here is my comment to a simple Alexis post:I am happy you started bloggin'again today :) it was a blessing to see you today my friend and you are right about the V-day calling it E-day. E could also stand for emotional ? youare the masterbaker!

Kerstin Sunshine said...
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Brandon said...

I am glad that you could join us for our non-eating time. It was a joy to have you with us. You should participate more often. it is nice to have alumni join us.

maria said...

kudos to your rasin and cocnut their marvelous shapes. and thanks for having us over, i'll have to take the tour next time. bless.