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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peer Preasure

Yesterday I bought a couple of polkadot onsies and an adorable pair of pink tennis shoes for Emma- today she is being dedicated at church. I decided she would be wearing a hip new outfit and not a dress like everyone else. She has a fashionable reputation to uphold.
So today I'm around a friend of mine, and he said, "So do you have the perfect dress for her to wear tonight?" And I froze. I said I saw one I liked but it cost too much- which was true and the reason for her to wear a hip/cheaper outfit. Now typically, I am an opinionated person who declares my beliefs with a sturdy foundation. Example: I hate commercials on the radio. I listen to the radio for music-period. If I wanted a company's opinion on why I should buy their product I would ask. I do not depend on commercials to get my money to stretch till the next pay check. Commercials are stupid and I hate them.
But you are also reading about a person who transferred money into her account, sorry Travis, and bought a dress for tonight. I... uh I mean she better get a lot of compliments tonight!

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