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Friday, October 03, 2008


Off we go! We're leaving tomorrow and so far there are a few things left to do. But, all in all, things are coming together well. I still can't believe that we got almost $2,000 in the past 3 days...yeah. I just shack my head. The poor accounting people that have to deal with our last minute deposits- we're going to bring something back for them.
I've tried children's Benadril and so far Emma has been asleep for 2 hours. Pretty good so far. I'm going to go check on her when I'm done. I would appreciate all your prayers for the flight over and back- nobody wants to be in a metal tube flying high in the air while a baby is freaking out. But more importantly, I don't want Emma to be hurting, I feel so helpless then. Well, time to stir my pot of noodles and check on Emma. See you all on the other side of the world...whoa.

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