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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowy and Blustery Day

Why is it that when we experience cold and snowy conditions, we crave comfort food? I am guilty of these desires and am unable to make my favorite foods. :( Maybe I'll walk to Safeway and get some Mac & Cheese. However, I recently made cranberry muffins and today's menu is Chicken pot pie, Salad and Hot Apple Tart w/ Ice Cream.

We even have a friend coming over to hang out and stay warm. It somehow seems less like we're stuck at home when you have friends over. I'm attaching a picture of my cranberry muffins. (Thanks mom for the recipe and the cranberries) On a silly note, we are loving our fireplace so much that our thermometer read 85'F. Wow. We turned off the fire then. :)
My plan for today is to start a book while Emma is sleeping her main nap. (2-3hours) I am so fortunate that we are able to have warmth and food. I know there are some who are too old to go grocery shopping or people who can't afford heat.
Thank you for allowing us to have these plush comforts. When we are surrounded by others who are suffering, I am constantly thankful of what you have given us. For Emma, food and warm clothes. For Travis and I: warmth and friends who remind us of how good You are. I pray that those people who are struggling to keep warm this week would be well taken care of and that You would cloth and comfort them. Let them know it was from You and not from some nice person. I love You and thank You for the snow. I love it so much and think it makes the world around me sparkle.

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