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Friday, February 06, 2009

Animal Themed Baby Shower

So I am throwing a baby shower for a friend of mine and I am gradually getting excited for it. The mom-to-be is not finding out the sex so everything is as gender neutral as possible- which was a huge challenge for me! But I think it all came together. I have yet to show you the crowning achievement of the shower too- the cupcake/cake tower. SO cool, I saw this picture of a business that makes these towers of cupcakes and tops it off with a small individual cake for the mom-to-be. So I totally copied it and it turned out great! I'll post picts at the place- I really shouldn't put it all together- but I'm so tempted! :)
The card is written in Dutch, since that is where the family lives and where the baby will grow up. It says, "Thanks for coming!"
I know most of the people there so it will be easy to talk with people and the decorations, games and food are turning out great! Here are some picts of some things I've made for tomorrow's party.
(Oh and yes, I did hand stamp the wrapping paper)
Wish you could come Kerstin...sad...:(

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