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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I need YOUR help! I am obviously in the middle of a spring cleaning of my blog and I am frustrated with the title. Well, not the words but the creative expression. (it's called a border yes?) I have been to many other blogs and have seen the cool pictures and art that they have- oh so jealous. I am wanting colorful and bright first impression- something that would off-set the cloudy/rainy days we've been having here.

Another question: how would I go about taking good pictures for this blog? I am wanting to really give it a face lift and some new pictures would do it for sure. There are some that are...OK but some that are fuzzy and not fun. With all I want to change I get to indulge in my new found love- roaming the blogging world.

Oh and Thank You to all the new readers and visitors that leave comments- comments are really what we all blog for- common you gotta agree with me here. :)


Mrs. Silva said...

It is funny... all your talk about giving your blog a facelift, has made me take a second look at mine, and all the things that I don't like about it. Thank you for the inspiration!

I visited the link from your past post. I really enjoyed that blog. I love this blogging world. And I love being inspired by others. It just gets my creative juices flowing!

Alexis said...

Totally! I am glad you visited the other blog- it's incredible! I know how you feel about the creative juices going...I'm going to post some cool projects maybe tomorrow. They turned out cool.