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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check out my new Etsy!

OK, it is much too late- but I wanted to broadcast that I am now apart of Etsy. Along with every other stay at home mom. I've had our account for a while but have been too scared to post anything. Well- I can do it! God's been telling me to not worry about what might happen and just try it. So, I am.

I am in the middle of taking photos of the many things I've set aside to sell. It's been hard though, to post, because Emma has been really sick and I think a couple back teeth are coming in. Great. Well, I just hope she sleeps for 8 straight hours tonight. She probably won't but a momma can dream.

Names of Items shown in order:
1. Cinderella's Necklace
2. Arial's Necklace
3. Sponge Coral Necklace
4. Rose Crystal Bracelet


Eric said...

Leah recently opened an etsy shop to sell pillows with her friend. Check it out... buy a pillow ;)


Blue Castle said...

Your items are beautiful! I love the bracelet.
Here's hoping you do really well! :)

Ami said...

Gorgeous work!! LOVE the Rose Crystal Bracelet! Stunning!!