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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This week has been really crappy. Tons of things that stress me out have happened and it's only Wednesday. Fortunately one of the only good things is that we're all healthy. We've had some problem with the US Postal Service not delivering out new debit cards and our old ones are now turned off. Frustrating. And to make it worse- I literally have no food in the fridge. It's really empty and because of all the cleared space- I saw how filthy it was and cleaned the entire inside. I guess that's one good thing about having no food-no messes. :)
And you know what, today is filled with many good things now that I think about it: The sun is shining (huge for me), we finally figured out how to buy groceries (Thank you God!) and I have Emma's invitations done and I just have to go pick them up. So I guess there are many good things happening, I suppose I just feel a bit overwhelmed with a couple of huge things. Like what the crap am I making for dinner?! Well, Emma just woke up from her nap- time to read some books and so some 'Twinkle, Twinkle'


Mrs. Silva said...

aww first birthday... *sigh* What theme are you doing?

Alexis said...

I'm doing the theme, "Baby Boutique" Did I spell that wrong?oh well. There will be tons of polkadots, coconut flakes, cupcakes w/ fake flowers and fruit skures. :) I'll take pictures, don't worry.