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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I'm having problems. Nothing earth shattering...or maybe it is! My world has stopped and unhappiness has entered my life. I am in a rut. There I said it, now that I've even written it down maybe it will lift and my usually exciting life will return. (hehe)
As I wrote earlier, I am wanting to try and be apart of a creative team for a store. Well, as part of the application process I have to submit some work. (why can't they just tell by my walk that I AM what they need?!) Anyhoo, as I was putting together some pages I was struck with how blah they look to me now. Granted the pictures are kinda dark, but they aren't fun to look at...kinda empty too. *sigh.
Well, I have maybe 1 hour before Emma wakes up and I'm going to try my darn-dest to make an interesting and lively page.
I'll post my final product later on tonight.

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Mrs. Silva said...

I don't know if this will help you, but there is a scrapbook forum that I am a part of... I like to go onto the gallery and look at what other people have done. it gives me a lot of inspiration... I see other ideas and it gets my brain whirling...
anyways it is

I think your pages look great by the way!