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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My sister is coming to town to visit and I'm super excited. We have no plans, like normal, and will probably chill and do random things whenever we feel like it. It's nice too because she is a built in babysitter! Not having family here is hard and we take advantage of them when they visit. Plus they like it so it works for everyone.

The alligator picture is how I'm feeling and the other kitty ones just makes me laugh. Have a great Tuesday.


Melissa said...

Aren't little sisters great! Mine is over right now too! And she babysat for me last night!
I love the alligator picture and the kitties are so cute!

charis said...

yeah for family! i'm so happy for you. the alligator picture is priceless. you did an awesome job on sunday. hope this week will be relaxing for you.

Alexis said...

thanks! me too!