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Monday, July 13, 2009

Jenise's Turquoise Set

I have a friend who is in a wedding and needed some bright jewelry. I said I would be happy to help and we went to the local craft store and chose out some turquoise. It all includes a necklace (somewhat heavy), a matching bracelet and of course some earrings. Nothing makes you feel more put together than a jewelry set- or at least I think so. :)

I hope you like it Jenise and have a great time at the wedding!


Zach & Laura said...

Alexis, those are amazing! AMAZING! If I know Brianne well, she would LOVE these........could you make her one for a present from me? WHat would it cost? laura

Alexis said...

THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING! Silly, of me I know. I would love to make that for Brianne from you. It cost about $15. For all the materials.