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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Today's Zoo Trip

~Today was overcast and cloudy. Lovely in my opinion. We went to the Seattle zoo today and it was cool. Not too busy and I wasn't forced to push little kids out of my...or I mean Emma's way. :) Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

Us and a goat. I am tempted to write many funny comments but I won't.
I'll let you come up with them.
Proof Autumn is in the air! I was so excited when I saw this gorgeous tree.
And if you know me, you know I LOVE trees. So, perfect!
You gotta start teaching your little girls to 'strike a pose' early.
I'm so proud of Emma. ;)
A Carousel and Emma did great! I was a little nervous on how she would do, but bravo!

A new penguin exhibit. They were cute, but boring. They don't do anything but sit there.

Some of my favorite flowers. I think they're just soft and girly. They make me smile and I think we should all have things around us that make us smile. For me it's flowers and sparkly things.

More pretty white flowers.

Daddy and Emma- obviously related. I'm praying that she has my personality or in the future she will look more like me...we'll see. Well, she at least has my pale or I mean fair complexion.

This was an area for little kids to play in. Nice. Chickens, goats and bunnies.

Our little group today. Besides me behind the camera.

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Anonymous said...

Goat + Travis =Funny!!