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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Hello all, I have wonderful news: Travis has two, possibly three intrviews! He has one today, another Friday and possibly one next week. Isn’t it funny how things just pop up out of the blue?! Thank you to all who are praying for us and the whole living situation. Right now I am wonderful. I am in Gresham, OR and sipping a spiced chi latte in a popular café. Some might wonder why we want to leave beautiful Seattle for an organic Portland, well I’ll tell you. Just getting out of our car, on our way to this café, we were stopped by cars honking and people waving at us saying hello.
We love the people here, everyone is so wonderful. My dad asks every year on my birthday what I have learned in my __ years. This is what I have learned: Eventually, it doesn’t matter where you live- it’s all about the people you chose to be around.

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