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Monday, October 16, 2006


It is amazing, the magical and mystical power each letter has to transport you into another world-another story in which you are able to invade. The ability to read is on par with the ability to transfer yourself back in time to when horses were the means of transportation and outhouses were deemed ordinary. For decades, people have made movies about time machines. Even books were published about creating a copper machine, which allows you to bend time. Yet we have had the ability to reach into another realm since the dawn of creation! Books. They take you anywhere you want to be- and visa is not the currency by which you live on. You are actually transported into the authors mind-their imagination and you hold on for dear life as you go up and down on emotional roller coasters as characters grow, mature…anything.
How exciting therefore to enter a library, to see many possible streets each leading to another world to taste the cultures delicacies. To enter Egypt during King Ramses and see the empire through a slaves eyes, or enter the great depths with explorer Jacque Custo and discover new and dangerous mammals living in the black deep.
For the expert reader will find with each turn of the page, a part of themselves is left in the story. The enchantments of words are to be, themselves, a mystery. Yet it is my belief, it is the enchantments themselves to which we are drawn to.

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