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Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Beginnings

I love the rain. Granted it's freezing outside and the inside of my house feels like it's 30F, but seriously-I love the rain. I think it came from my dad. I can remember him giving me a children's book about the fog and how one could travel to the past through its murky layers. (Fog Magic, a great book I recomend) He later showed me how the rain has a romantic side to it. The same way Russia is romantic to some... with its freezing temperatures, bright red beet soup and frowning fur capped people.
I think so many people have a depressed look on rain. Yet, I think it could be viewed from a completly different perspective. A lot of the time I see rain as a washing. So many times a day I have a bad attitude, speak harshly with my husband and overal am selfish. I view rain showers as a time where I get a clean slate. Another chance to start anew. I need reminding of this as well and so am writing to myself as to you, the reader. Thus I challenge both you and I to look at the streets with puddles and drizzle coming down from grey clouds and smile at the thoughts of new starts and clean beginnings.

1 comment:

Kerstin Sunshine said...

hey Alexis, lets jump into the puddles of daily wonderful rain, let's decalre a new day and a wonderful cleansing and washing time!!!!!!