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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Walls that don't allow me to relate

I have been going through a hard time. You know when God tells you a promise or tells you something about who you are, and then the next day something happens to where you totally question if God was right? Well, recently I have been having thoughts that tell me I’m not good with socializing- women in particular. Now I like girl friends, the kind where you could chitchat and be silly. Yet recently I have been having a hard time with groups- like I’m a non-social women hating person. But I know that’s not who I am. God told me last year that I have a ministry talking to women about ‘womanly issues’. Yet now I’m feeling like I have a wall in front of me that doesn’t allow me to relate to them. IT IS SO FRUSTRATING! Especially at my small bible study group…

God, please let me see that the wall in front of me is only smoke. Please give me the courage to get out of my bubble and talk to someone across the room. I know what you called me to and in your name, Jesus; I silence any voice in my head that twists the truth you have planted in my heart. I love you and want, truly, to make ripples in Your kingdom.


1 comment:

Kerstin Sunshine said...

Brave Eagle , you are being brave! you are walking on the path f your prayer and I pray may He be your BOLDNESS these days and may the lies be gone and may God's truth be emmersed in your being!!!love you! Kerstin