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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

High Priest

I found myself reading a familiar book but reading an unfamiliar chapter. I couldn't remember ever coming across it, which was about priests. In Hebrews chapter 7, Paul writes about priests and I found myself blown away by the consistant 'that makes sense' thoughts he was writing. It was about how the old law was not being followed (because of human sin) and God making a new and permenant law. It only required one sacrifice and a priest who will not die. I know, sounds wierd uh. :) But that's what happend, Jesus died for our sins (the one sacrifice) and he is now the holy priest who sits next to God (thus He never dies) and speaks up for us.
I had known all this, but very shallowly. I grew up in the church and didn't get the depth of what all this meant. Well, one layer off and hopefully another tomorrow thus making me a mature Christian, loving today and hoping for tomorrow.

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