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Monday, February 26, 2007

Commenting on our Jewelry Blog...

hello all. I wanted to write a quick comment about commenting on my jewelry blog. I would welcome comments, but will only accept professional comments. Our desire for that blog is to not be friend to friend, but for everyone to see and expect professionality.
Thank you for understanding and I am glad you like our pictures- the jewelry itself is beautiful too. :)

thanks again.


MAR√ćA said...

Hi Alexis. I am not on my blog very often...and don't really do alot of commenting on other's blogs. However, just out of curiosusty...what exatly is a professional comment? I mean, like from one jewerly maker to another? Or someone giving their opinion about what you could be doing better? ...yeah, I just wondered. Have a good day and be blessed.

Prashant said...

Hi everyone here,

I have started a new shopping portal for Jewelry & other accessories - where I have made my all endeavors to keep the prices highly competitive & a stores directory namely I would thank the community here for their suggestion/advices. Please do not consider this a spam.