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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Beach Retreat

These are pictures of this last weekend. It was a blast, although it started off with me falling asleep in the car and woke up with Britany laughing at me. After asking her why, she told me I was talking giberish while dreaming...great.
The bottom picture is of sheer bliss. I am surrounded by my jewelry and I had just finished a really funky knecklace (which I'll wear tomorrow @ a youth conference) and I was attempting to take a great picture. Aperantly Brittany thought I was more humerous or something :)
I haven't taken a retreat for such a long time and it was SO wonderful. Travis is telling me I need to leave to go to church...30 min early..


MAR√ćA said...

say...looks like ya'll had a fun time...and were able to just take some time off. i was surrounded by dozens of jr. higher kids. twas quite fun. thats actually how i "relax" anyway...i mean, i don't need to just sit and be calm...i loved all the engergy. have a good day.

Kerstin Sunshine said...

I love the pictures- hey friend, I will miss you, too! awesome that you had this retreat :)

little lamb said...

Glad you got to chill for a while. I love the beach so much and can absolutely understand and identify with this relaxing feeling that goes along such a retreat.
HI Alexis what happened to your hair?
love ya