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Thursday, March 01, 2007

'How are you doing?'

Hello all. I have some extra time and i think i shall take advantage of it. Weird. I have this extra time and it feels weird. I wonder why the 'go, go, go' mode is so comfortable. I think I can compare it with this:
remember being a child and you wold spin around and around? Faster and faster and faster?! Then you stop because you fall over but your head is still spinning. And the only thing you know that would feel better would be to start spinning again. Remember that? I think that is the perfect analogy. I am taking time, now, to slow down and get used to the speed that's better for my life.
My jobs are going well. I had a hard time with one, which will remain nameless, and praise God it's getting better! Through this tough time at the job, I am learning integrity, but really: I am learning how to work without a performance mentality. It's hard! Yet, I'm doing well.
The walking this is still hard on me. I need to drop it, but it's so hard int he rainy season. I ask for rides but I do not want to depend on others for rides (codependency). So this is how I'm doing. So if I see you readers out and about, then you do not need to ask that question. It's kinda a weird question anyways. Ciao!

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