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Monday, March 12, 2007


I am thankful to write that I can see a change in my outlook when being around people. I can see a change in how I look at them. For instance, a woman was running in the pouring rain today with designer shoes (elf shoes) and a light jacket which was stylish but very impractical for the weather. I looked at her and smiled thinking how fun those shoes looked and I wondered where she was going and who she was. It’s hard to describe, but I generally liked her and wanted to know her story. Then later, an elderly man got out of his Subaru WRX and ran with a stack of papers into Café D (which was where I was) and I smiled again wondering about who he was and if he knew Jesus. This sounds cliché even writing this, but it’s true. I liked him the moment I saw him. And as I realized my thought process; I looked at the rest of the people in the café and observed that I like everyone in the café. Weird.

I loved it! And I know that I might not always feel like I see with God’s eyes.
But right now, I will roll myself up in this moment and feel the peace that is brought by it. I pray this morning is a crack in my dam of judgment and pride. And I also pray that the dam would be blown away with love for others.
That in the future I am able to see with Gods eyes, but most importantly…I am able to live with God’s heart.

1 comment:

Kerstin Sunshine said...

amen dear friend of mine! thank you again for sharing this precious jewel! it totally fits with my last blog about experiencing people. It sure was a delight to see you at cafe d today :)