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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cats rule!

These are our 'babies' at this time. I am seeing a wonderful side of Travis with all these beautiful cats roaming around our house. I know I just posted about Janek, but I wanted to also show what Chloe and Pepper look like. Plus, I get to show another great picture of Janek. :)
It is amazing to me that right now I am writing in my creative room and ALL three cats are here together in one room- without killing one another! Don't get me wrong, but they are still in the adjustment faze. I'm listening to music and these pictures are what they're doing- sleeping. Man, to be a cat must be great. :) Cats rule!

In order as shown: Chloe, Janek and Pepper.


Kerstin Sunshine said...

cats rule and look how they are to you dear friend!! don't they seem to know when we need this extra special love ?
love you,

another catlover (u know me, dogs are fun , too :)))

Kerstin Sunshine said...

hey I got an answer to ur blog post here- check out my blog!

d00d said...
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Amena said...

Well said.