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Monday, August 11, 2008

Janise will kill me if I don't write this...

OK, so I am happy and a little surprised to realize that some of you regularly check my blog. One such person is Janise. This post is going out to you :)

I love to read. Period. Boring history books are interesting and I even don't mind text books- I know, my husband has prayed over me. But for a fun mindless dreamy book my life will temporally pause. I have forgotten to go potty, eat and other regular daily functions. Well, today God has been kind and He guided me towards a book that a neighbors kids have. And there you have it- I absolutely love kid stories. And you know at first I used to be embarrassed at the level of writing...and how I prefer that to an adult book. But hey, I bet C. S. Lewis read children's there.
OK, so this book I just finished. I believe it's technically a Pre-teen book and the title is; Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.
Such a fun read! Even though I was able to guess the end and who the thief really is, I still found myself laughing out loud and getting excited for the main character- a sixth grader who has to save the world from the gods. It's one of four I believe and I am going to the library tomorrow to get the second. (please God let it be in stock!)

I couldn't help read this plot and think, 'I wish I was the daughter of God...'
But then I was like, 'What the crap- I am!' As easy of a plot this book was, it allowed me to see myself in another light. I am the daughter of a God who does not war with other gods or has the characteristics of humans. Rather the opposite- we have all of His characteristics. This helps because of the 'quest' He has called me to- move to Poland with my family. And as scary as that sounds/feels I know that there is no going back. It will be these books that will show me that with absolute trust in my God and Lord- nothing can stand in my way.
I will need a collection of these when we move...I should start buying now.- eBay anyone?


Brandon K said...

I always smile and laugh at your posts. They are amazingly genuine and just a great read. Perhaps you should think about writing a book yourself....


Alexis said...

lol, i have always wanted to be an author. However, a childrens author, I don't think I have what it takes for adults to take me seriously :) thank you for the encouraging words brandon!