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Monday, September 01, 2008

What a good looking family!

What a good looking family!
(Brandon, a friend, took this after taking our missions picture. For those of you who know the'greater Gresham area' it was taken at the city park by the bridge)
On a different note than my last dark post, I am fiding myself thinking more and more about our up and coming missions trip to Poland. Doubt is paying me a visit and I have been wondering if we will actualy be going. You see, the money is not coming in and it is strting to make me nervous. The amount is much higher because we have 7 1/2 people coming. (poor Emma, she's the half :)) And this trip is the one I'm the most excited about too...we will be able to forus on what we're most passionate about- discipling people.
You can be praying for doubt to leave both Travis and I and for the amount of money to come in.

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