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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Random Update

So tonight we are having our small group Christmas party and I'm excited! I was/am in charge of the desserts and they are turning out great. Our house is trimmed and our tree is great. It's a little big, but better big than small. Emma though has a cough and I'm praying for it to go away. Other than that...nothing new in our lives. Well, Trav started his new job two days ago and I think it will turn out great. He hasn't talked much about it but that is usually a good sign- no news is good news.
Right now, I'm sitting on our couch wishing I was with our European friends...sigh. I miss you:
Kerstin, Robyn, Laura, Katie and Sabina. I'm looking forward to the whiter Christmas's we'll be having in Poland. :) Merry Christmas!

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