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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brecelets and Necklaces

The sole purpose for me posting these pictures is to show off. :) You know when you make something and are so proud of it you just want others to see and acknowledge the amazing wit you have? No? Oh, well um... me either.
These bracelets and necklaces are all for sale. Each is a one of a kind. So once it's sold- there are no more. I don't mass make the same pieces I believe it keeps them unique I think. So some interesting materials were made. The necklace with the green piece? It has amethyst bought in Croatia (amazing and I loved Croatia) and even though the centerpiece was bought in Lyon, France- it was made in Afghanistan. I love it because it reminds me you can be hip and be bohemian at the same time.
The golden bracelet below, is made of Golden shell and authentic Polish amber. (bought by myself in Poland)
I must say that the first 5 pictures are all necklaces and the bottom half are all bracelets.
If you are interested in these or interested in other pieces (earrings, necklaces) please feel free to contact me at
Happy viewing!

1 comment:

jae said...

I love everything you make. You definitely have a gift for it. I really like the 3rd and 4th ones. Hopefully this period of job loss won't last and then you'll have a steady customer. lol