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Monday, March 02, 2009

Birthday Season

Event though today is my 'day off'. I have a busy day of folding MANY loads of laundry, empty-ing the dishwasher, making errands, preparing for a meeting at our home tonight, working on my Craft Warehouse entries and also playing/snuggling with Emma. So why am I here on blogger? Good question...hmm.
On a side note, tomorrow is Travis' birthday and this year will be different. In the past I have thrown big parties at our home and sometimes surprise parties. This year is going to be a small get together at our home for dessert only. Spending time with close friends is a big thing to him and just as good as a present. So it should be nice and non-stressful.
Enjoy your Monday-this week should be very busy for me...I was thinking earlier that I will begin to calling these few months, "Birthday Season". It's crazy how many friends and family are in the months of March and April.
Well, have to go and give Emma some cheese to eat- her favorite.

1 comment:

Mrs. Silva said...

Wow, busy busy busy! Happy Birthday to Travis!