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Friday, March 13, 2009

Make Over Gone Horribly Wrong

I love make-over’s. Houses, people, craft-sy things…whatever. Looking on some blogs, I notice that only pretty re-do’s are posted. Hum…why? I would love to learn ‘What could go wrong if you do this…’ or ‘warning- your result could look like this’. That would be a pretty funny post actually…anyways, this is not a pretty make over- rather a make over gone horribly wrong. Oh and don’t you worry- I have pictures.
I have a few items in my craft room that I have been waiting for to ‘make over’. I had a free 30 min. today so I thought my creative journal would do nicely. Yeah…little did I know that it would end hideous. (a little overly-dramatic?) How frustrating. Here is the before. Yeah, pretty ugly. I will not excuse my earlier attempt at making it pretty. We all have our 'on' and 'off' days- you can guess which day this was for me. I was going for an eclectic feel.
So here is the after picture:

Can you see why I would be frustrated? It’s not ugly or anything, but the paper BUBBLED! This might be a ‘duh’ to many of you but after I glued the paper down in the place, I put Modge Podge down to seal it- BAD IDEA. That is what made it bubble. I certainly learned from my mistake. I think I’ll keep using it but I’m going to keep it in the ‘make-over’ pile. Does anyone know of a good way to not have it bubble?


Anonymous said...

U used Modge Podge? Ouch. I know what that is... Yuk.

Becky Miller said...

It's really funny that you posted this blog. I made a card and the first run through looks...well...not great, but the second one looks better...but i think that the third time I do it will be PERFECT!!!
Thank you for your honesty!