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Friday, March 27, 2009

What do I want my blog to be?

Holy Crap. I was looking at a couple links to other blogs and I think the size of the 'Blogosphere' really hit me. There are so many people out there wanting to be read and followed- and lets be real, we all want the comments.
Each blog was pretty unique and nice, but it also left me wondering what I want in my blog. And after some time, I think I have a little bit of it.

*First, I want my blog to be read by friends and family. When Travis, Emma and I move to Europe we will be separated by a little pond known as the Atlantic Ocean. Not to mention an entire country (USA) and then more countries in Europe. So I want those who are close to us to know how I am and what random thoughts came to me today. Narcissistic? Kinda, yeah OK whatever.

*Secondly, I would like new readers to come across my blog and relate to me. I have a good number of friends and the majority of them think they are the only ones who feel certain feelings. Yeah, not true. I've realized that when I open up and show my vulnerable side, I immediately have others who agree and begin to open up about their struggles. Woohoo! I want real conversations with friends- not shallow ones with acquaintances.

*Thirdly, I love pretty things. This includes most things creative. The part I don't like would be decorating with real animal skins- I love animals and am 'the person' who cries at Dumbo, King Kong or any other animal movie...yeah. But I am all for the fake animal prints- I'm currently in love with Zebra stripes with hot pink.

Anyways, I would like to share whatever I am into with you reader. Cooking, Learning to Create Something New, Family, Jewelry, Sewing projects, Writing, Books and just life. I would also like to get responses from you- this blog is a conversation in progress not a dictation of opinions. Thanks for reading :)

Please pray that I can find my camera! I lost it and think it's in the house...yeah. I made some cool things today too and can't post photos of them! Sad Day!
Oh and the frogs were not out last night- :(

(Don't understand?-read my last post.)

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