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Thursday, May 28, 2009


For the past couple months, I have had an obsession with Hawaii. Everywhere I look, friends are moving to Hawaii, getting vacations there or movies plots are based there, LOST too...
so I talked to my mom about gong there this yext year sometime. Maybe in the Spring?
I've never been. I've heard the typical stories and wish so much that I could visit just once. But since we're moving to Poland this next year...I don't know the next time we might be able to do it- before we're 50 yrs old I guess. :)
Pleeeease God! Let me visit it! :) thanks, amen.


charis said...

ooooh...can i come too? :o)

B-Kraft said...

No Charis, You can't. Because Becky and I are going. You would make it too crowded!!! JK! Let's all "Mission Trip" to Hawaii and see Wayne Cordiero!

Mrs. Silva said...

Oh that would be so much fun if you were able to visit here. You know airlines have been selling really chea tickets lately, you just have to be flexible with the dates. I saw a ticket (roundtrip) for a little over $300 the other day.
Where did you find that pic of Hanauma Bay? It is a great pic!

Alexis said...

I didn't even know what bay it was. lol I just googled 'Hawaii' and I got it. I wold LOVE to visit you, yes flights are cheap, but then there's the stay and food, transportation, etc. But we'll still see you someday in your state. :)