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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Sorry, I haven't blogged in awhile... lets just say we've been so super duper busy. But I am happy to report that our family is slowly recovering! We have nothing planned for Friday and it should stay that way. Shoot, I needed to meet with a couple always comes up like that.
Anyways, the weather here is really lifting my spirits. It should be perfect today-75'. Tomorrow though it's up in the mid 80's and that's kinda too warm. The kind of weather to look at from the inside of an air-conditioned room and sip on your ice tea. At least I'm finally getting to wear my skirts.
No point to this blog- just random thoughts on the screen. :) My sister is coming this weekend to go to a concert- it will be so nice to see her. I'm sure we'll go to the dollar store. ;) Today we have a BBQ dinner with some friends at their house. Perfect day for it I think. Have a nice Wednesday!

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